7 stylish and affordable ways to display your shoes

Let’s face it : we love shoes! We adore them, we love to buy them, wear them and simply look at them! Shoes is our passion and we can never have too many pair of shoes. 

Shoes look amazing is the store but when we bring them home and leave them closed in their box or through in a pile at the back of the closet they loose all that glam that we chose them for. 

There are simple and affordable ways to display your shoes and give them back the love they deserve. When you have your shoes in display it so much easier to remember what you have and to wear them with the right clothes every day.

Looking for the easiest shelving system for your apartment? This is it! Purchase a ladder and five boards of wood and you’ve got a beautiful tiered rack to display all of your shoes, or your books, or accessories! Find the tutorial here.

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Posted by bideomodas on January 9, 2017