18 spring outfits with floral skirts

Spring is a favorite time for most people as the day grows and nature awakens but at the same it is a styling headache because as it happens during Fall too, wardrobe passes it’s most transitional phase. So , one day we can wear a coat and the very next one a blazer and we are generally ” forced ” to keep some winter clothes but do not want our look to be heavy and dark anymore as it usually happens with our winter style. For our

spring outfits we want bright colors, light fabrics and a new way to combine the clothes we already have before getting our summer clothes out of their boxes.

There is no reason to despair , all you have to do is give a different perspective to clothes that already exist in your closet . Our favorite and highly imaginative combination for spring is a striped blouse with a floral skirt that can be worn with opaque tights or bare legs ( depending on the respective temperature) , with blazer or coat and combined with a striking statement necklace.

The rule of this unexpected mix & match is to have a common base color, which for a black and white striped blouse, it is white. You can also choose a nice crisp white shirt, denim shirts, or a nice soft pullover to wear at the top and combine them with a light coat, a blazer or a cardigan, depending on the style and the weather of course. The skirt can be any style you like, or have available in your closet. A pencil skirt is very nice and chic and can be worn from morning to evening, while a full skirt, a skater floral skirt or a pleated skirt will give a more flirty and feminine result to your outfit.

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Posted by bideomodas on March 30, 2014